The CCISD - Pierre Viens Award in support of health facilities in Nepal, India and Mali

The CCISD - Pierre Viens Award, launched in 2016, has just concluded its 5th and final edition. The objective of this award is to support health institutions that welcome students from the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty [...]

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COVID-19: One year later

Our project teams have witnessed the devastating impact of the pandemic on already weakened health systems and the side effects of the measures put in place to control its spread. Many of the health centres we work with [...]

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Twenty world leaders call for treaty on pandemics

To build a more robust global health architecture that will protect future generations, the international community should develop "a new international treaty on preparedness and response" to pandemics, some 20 [...]

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A new training manual on intervention epidemiology

The 2021 edition of CCISD's Training Manual in Intervention Epidemiology for Health Workers in West African Countries is the basis for an intermediate level training program in intervention epidemiology. While [...]

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Le Centre de coopération internationale en santé et développement (CCISD) est une organisation canadienne à but non lucratif dont le siège social est à Québec et qui se [...]

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From the field

« Our health centre was completely changed by the DÉCLIC Project, which improved the working conditions and the quality of healthcare. » 


Alhaji Mamadou Sall, President of the Koniakary Association for Migrants, Mali