DÉCLIC and the competency-based teaching (CBT)

The DÉCLIC project supports its partners in the review and the development of health education programmes that follow a competency-based teaching (CBT). In this clip, we explain how this pragmatic approach is [...]

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MALI: Launching of promotional videos of DÉCLIC Project

A series of four videos, being broadcasted from February to May, showing the project's main achievements and their impact on the people of Mali’s health is now launched. Discover in this series’ first video [...]

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MALI: BECEYA Project’s Activities Contribute to an Increase of the Attendance Rate at Niono Reference Health Centre

The Improving the Environment of Care for Mothers and Children attending Health Facilities Project, also known as BECEYA, contributed to an increase in attendance rates at Niono Reference Health Centre. Indeed, after two [...]

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BURKINA FASO: Summary of PAPSIFER 9 Project

Last December 31st marked the end of the 9th CCISD mandate under the “Project to Support the Fight Against AIDS in Gold-Bearing Sites of Burkina Faso”, also known as PAPSIFER 9, as part of support to Burkina Faso [...]

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WEST AFRICA: CCISD keeps its support to the epidemiological surveillance through a new initiative

CCISD, in collaboration with Fondation Mérieux, is responsible of the implementation of 47 Centres for Epidemiologic Surveillance, also known as CES, as part of the Regional Disease Surveillance Systems Enhancement [...]

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From the field

« CCISD won the heart of the population. People did not only hear about what was being done, they saw results. »


Dr. Marthe Lebughe, HIV Expert, Democratic Republic of Congo

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