CCISD - Pierre Viens Award: The Second Edition has been Launched!

Again this year, organizations hosting students from Laval University’s Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Nursing have had the opportunity to submit their application for the CCISD - Pierre Viens Award.

The initiative, which recognizes the contribution of these organizations towards the improvement of their communities’ health, will award a total of $CA 20,000 each year to support projects that are designed to meet specific needs in relation to the health of populations, particularly the health of women, children and their families.

An Improved Health Care Setting in Madagascar

In 2016, the Mahabibo Integrated Health Centre (IHC), located in the city of Mahajanga, in Madagascar, was selected as the main recipient of the CCISD - Pierre Viens Award, thus receiving $CA 18,200 for the implementation of its project ‘’Strengthening Pregnant Women’s Care, from PNC to Delivery, in an Improved Environment’’.

This health facility has been a partner of Laval University since 2013. Thanks to a team of 42 employees and an active network of community health workers, it offers preventive and curative services at an affordable cost to the populations of its 12 surrounding neighborhoods. On top of carrying out outreach strategies for health promotion, the Mahabibo IHC serves as an internship environment for both Malagasy and Canadian students.

This IHC is one of the busiest public health centres in Mahajanga, receiving approximately 25% of the city’s pregnant women. Until recently however, the IHC’s staff had to work with outdated equipment or refer patients to more equipped health facilities for certain services such as ultrasound. After they had given birth, some women had to recover in a room where there was a high risk for flooding because of deficient sanitary units.

With support from the CCISD - Pierre Viens Award, the IHC’s team was able to acquire essential equipment for strengthening sexual and reproductive health services, as well as the existing care environment. In fact, latrines and a new sanitary unit, equipped with showers and sinks, were installed for enhanced hygiene and sanitation practices.

The allocated funds also allowed the IHC to purchase equipment necessary for quality obstetrical and neonatal care. In addition to buying suction devices, reanimation kits for newborns and obstetric stethoscopes, the IHC got an ultrasound system with all its accessories (printer, paper, gel and inverter). Two health workers, a doctor and a midwife, were also able to take part in an ultrasound training to ensure adequate use of the machine.

‘’I am happy that the IHC has received this award because it contributes to improving the quality of healthcare for our pregnant women’’, said Dr. Anne Marie Ravaomanarivo, who oversees internships for Laval University’s students in Mahajanga.


The nomination period for the 2017 CCISD - Pierre Viens Award closed on March 31st. All in all, 10 out of 27 organizations have submitted their application. Winner(s) of this year’s edition will be officially announced in May, as soon as the judging panel will have made its decision.

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