HAITI: CCISD's Merck for Mothers-funded Initiative is Extended

After two years of intervention, the project known as Improving Maternal Health in Haiti’s Artibonite Region, which is made possible by a grant from Merck, through its Merck for Mothers (MfM) Global Giving Program, has received a contract extension making it possible for the project’s team to continue to carry out its activities until all funds are exhausted.

Thanks to funding from the MfM Program, CCISD contributes to increasing pregnant women’s financial access to quality prenatal care and delivery services in the communes of Anse Rouge, Ennery and St-Michel de l’Attalaye since 2012. As a complement to the PRISMA project, this initiative allows more than 1 200 pregnant women to benefit from quality obstetrical services for a lowered flat-fee of 100 Gourdes (around CA$ 2.30) per woman. 

With this extension to CCISD’s contract, the project team will be able to continue to provide support to the targeted health facilities so they can improve their health service delivery for a few extra months.

''Over the last two years, service utilization has increased in the supported health centres'', said Pierre Champagne, project officer. ''The lowered flat-fees made possible by the MfM Program have played a big role in this increase and we are proud to be able to maintain them a while longer.''

The number of deliveries realized in the three supported health facilities has gone up from 481 to 738, between the January-September period of 2012 (before implementation) and 2014 (during implementation), which represent an increase of close to 35%. Meanwhile, the number of prenatal consultations has increased by 43%.

According to the project’s team, the complementary efforts of the MfM initiative and the PRISMA project prove that a successful strategy can overcome many of the obstacles to women’s utilization of facility-based health services.

''Drawing from our observations, we are positive that together, both the lowered flat-fees by the MfM-funded project and the outreach strategy implemented by PRISMA-trained Multi-Skilled Community Health Workers have achieved great results'', said Martine Bernier, project director.   

The initiative made possible by MfM will come to an end in a few months. However, PRISMA will continue to carry out its activities until 2016, thanks to financial support from the Government of Canada, through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD).



Photo Credits: Émilie Drolet