2016 CCISD – PIERRE VIENS AWARD: The Pambal Health Station Has Completed its Project

They had been waiting and hoping for this type of equipment for a long time. Thanks to the CCISD - Pierre Viens Award, Pambal Health Station’s team, in Senegal, is now able to offer improved obstetric and neonatal care to pregnant women and newborns.


The daily life of a Health Station like that of Pambal is certainly no easy ride. This small health facility, with very limited resources, is established in a rural area where it serves close to 10 000 people, 55% of whom live beyond 5 km of the health post, which poses a great problem in terms of accessibility.

On top of managing services at the facility-level, the station’s staff members have developed an outreach strategy in order to make their services available to those who can’t get to the health facility. The team therefore travels regularly to each of the 26 villages that make up the Pambal district to carry out prevention activities, such as vaccination, family planning, ante and postnatal consultations, and nutritional monitoring of children.

Of 14 staff members, only the head nurse is an employee of the State. The remaining staff is supported by the local health committee which, through the scarce funds generated by consultation tickets, is able to offer them a salary. It is not surprising, then, that buying and repairing equipment, or covering the transportation costs generated by the outreach activities is beyond the post’s financial capacity.

In spite of all those challenges, the facility’s team has been hosting interns from Laval University’s Faculty of Medicine since 2009 so they can gain experience in the particular health context of Senegal.

Well Appreciated Help

When CCISD decided to launch the CCISD – Pierre Viens Award, it was precisely to recognize the work of organizations like the Pambal Health Station; health facilities that do all they can with what they have in order to contribute to improving the health of their community.

Sensitive to this facility’s reality and impressed by its grant application, the jury of the 2016 CCISD – Pierre Viens Award granted the Pambal Health Station the second position, along with a prize of CA$ 6,800 for the implementation of its project entitled: ‘’Purchase of medical and transport logistics equipment for the management of obstetric and neonatal emergencies’’.

Through this initiative, the station’s staff wanted to improve the health of mothers and newborns by acquiring the equipment that would help them respond to obstetric and neonatal emergencies and undertake outreach activities more efficiently. The equipment they purchased includes a delivery table and a kit with all necessary supplies for safe childbirths, a suction device for newborns, a baby scale and a motorbike to facilitate travel and carry out prevention activities in remote villages.

"I would like to thank CCISD for choosing the Pambal Health Station as a recipient. This award enabled us to improve the management of obstetric emergencies and the health of children through the appropriate equipment", said Lamine Sane, the station’s Head Nurse during a visit by Dr. Tiendrébéogo, Head of a CCISD project in Senegal.

"After so many years of waiting, this equipment is very much welcome and makes our job a lot easier, here at the health station", added Ms. Marie-Louise Tine, Depot Manager.

As activities continue at the Pambal Health Station, staff members say they are motivated and happy to finally be able to provide care with the basic equipment they need.


The first position of the 2016 CCISD – Pierre Viens Award was granted to the Mahabibo Integrated Health Centre, in Madagascar. In the CCISD’s next Newsletter, discover how this facility’s team has able to strengthen its contribution to improving the health of mothers and children with the CA$ 18,200 it was allocated.



Photo: Dr. Tiendrébéogo (4th from left) with members of the Pambal Health Post's Team, including Mr. Lamine Sané, Head Nurse (3rd from left).