The PAPSIFER project was chosen among 80 participants to receive one of three Best Poster Awards during the 23rd Canadian Conference on Global Health, held in Ottawa (Canada), from October 29 to 31, 2017.

Presented in the ‘’Tackling poverty and social exclusion’’ category, the PAPSIFER poster focused on the strategy and the main results achieved by the project through its targeted interventions that aim to improve the sexual health of artisanal gold miners in Burkina Faso.

On site to provide more details, Dr. Clotilde Traore, Project Lead in Burkina Faso, and Mr. Maguil Gouja, Project Manager in Canada, had the opportunity to talk about the relevance of a two-pronged approach, bridging health services and community mobilization in the artisanal gold-bearing sites, in order to contribute to the response to HIV and STIs.

Dr. Traore and Mr. Gouja were not the only CCISD representatives to attend this important conference. Indeed, close to a dozen team members from Africa and Haiti, as well as from the Head Office, were able to take part in this event held under the theme ‘’Leaving no one behind? Reflection for action in a changing world’’.

In addition to attending the various presentations, plenary sessions and workshops, this group of CCISD representatives had the opportunity to discuss CCISD's activities. As was the case with the PAPSIFER project, the PASSKIN, WARDS and DÉCLIC projects also presented posters, which can be viewed below.

PAPSIFER Poster (in French only)
Title: La santé sexuelle d’un groupe vulnérable au Burkina Faso – Le cas des orpailleurs face au VIH/SIDA et aux infections sexuellement transmissibles
Presented by: Dr. Clotilde Traore (CCISD – Burkina Faso) and Mr. Maguil Gouja (CCISD – Head Office)

PASSKIN Poster (in French only)
Title: Évaluation de l’impact du coaching sur la qualité des diagnostics et prescriptions des infirmiers en milieu dépourvu de médecin
Presented by: Dr. Pierre Tayele (CCISD – Democratic Republic of the Congo)

WARDS Poster
Title: Towards Building a Formidable Disease Surveillance and Response Workforce in West Africa - Experience from the West Africa Regional Disease Surveillance Capacity Strengthening Project (WARDS) in Selected Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Nigeria
Presented by: Dr. Victor A. Fatimehim (CCISD – Nigeria) and Ms. Ericka Moerkerken (CCISD – Head Office)

Title: A model for partnership between primary-care clinical settings and academic institutions for enhanced health care
Presented by: Mrs. Michèle Rietmann and Mrs. Sarah Stecko (University of Sherbrooke – Longueuil)