BURKINA FASO: Summary of PAPSIFER 9 Project

Last December 31st marked the end of the 9th CCISD mandate under the “Project to Support the Fight Against AIDS in Gold-Bearing Sites of Burkina Faso”, also known as PAPSIFER 9, as part of support to Burkina Faso HIV prevention efforts.

Indeed, this was CCISD’s 9th mandate of a series of similar contracts, funded since nearly 14 years and aimed at strengthening HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) prevention, by specifically targeting vulnerable populations. This last mandate, under PAPSIFER 9, with a budget of 199 932 600 FCFA, approximately CA$ 432 654, was implemented over a year, from January 1st to December 31st 2017.

Key Achievements

The intervention strategy included two main components: medical support for partner health facilities and support to local community-based organizations to carry out outreach activities and raise awareness among targeted populations. As a result, 15 gold-bearing sites have been identified in five separate health districts (Manga, Boussé, Réo, Ziniaré and Zorgho).

The team supported medical care activities, including through training sessions in the five districts to strengthen health workers capacity to perform syndromic management of STIs. In addition, STI treatment kits, technical medical equipment and supplies were purchased and provided to the health centres. Furthermore, mobile health units were set up to facilitate access to health care services for people working in gold mining environments but live in remote areas far from health facilities. Moreover, awareness activities (including film / video screenings, plays, kiosks, conferences, debates, etc.) were also organized by the partner community-based organizations supported by the project.

What’s next?

Although the results of PAPSIFER 9 are positive, there is still much to be done. It is essential that activities continue to be supported to avoid a rebound of the epidemic and to achieve dthe outcome local authorities are striving for, which is an AIDS-free generation in 2030.

There will be a follow-up to PAPSIFER 9 in 2018. More details to come.