MALI: Launching of promotional videos of DÉCLIC Project

A series of four videos, being broadcasted from February to May, showing the project's main achievements and their impact on the people of Mali’s health is now launched. Discover in this series’ first video how DÉCLIC Project, this Canadian initiative, contributes to strengthening a key element in the health system and to improve the health of Malian women, men and children.

Since 2010, DÉCLIC Project has helped to make available sufficient numbers of skilled human resources for front-line health services in Mali by improving the access to appropriate training adapted to the needs of the population for future doctors and paramedics. This project was set up by a Canadian consortium of University of Sherbrooke, Cégep de Saint-Jérôme and CCISD. DÉCLIC is being implemented with financial support from Global Affairs Canada.

In order to offer to future doctors and paramedics a suitable training that meets populations’ health needs, DÉCLIC supports three essential and complementary components: the Faculty of Odontostomatology (FMOS), the National Institute of Health Sciences Training (INFSS) and the University Education Community Health Centres (CHC-Us). In the case of FMOS, this results in the creation of the Diploma for specialized studies in Family/Community Medicine (DSS MF/MC). For its part, INFSS provides training for health workers with the competency-based teaching (CBT). Finally, a network of five CHC-Us allows residents from FMOS and interns from INSFF to develop their clinical skills in adapted internship environments where they are in direct contact with the population. These components are rendering possible the prevention and help raise the staff's technical level.

The partners of DÉCLIC Project are unanimous. Through its practice-based approach and its vision adapted to Mali’s realities, this Canadian initiative contributes to the development of front-line health professionals’ skills to improving the health of Malian women, men and children.

The next three videos will address the CBT, MF/MC and CHC-Us. This series of videos will be broadcast on various platforms such as:

  • DÉCLIC Project website and Facebook Page;
  • CCISD website and LinkedIn page;
  • Cégep de Saint-Jérôme website and Facebook Page,
  • University of Sherbrooke website and Facebook Page;
  • The Embassy of Canada in Mali Facebook Page.