CCISD Undertakes Two New Projects Supporting Sexual and Reproductive Health

CCISD is proud to announce the launch of two new projects in 2018, made possible with financial support from Global Affairs Canada (GAC). These new initiatives focused on improving the sexual and reproductive health (SRH) of women, girls and adolescents in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Benin.

The Project to support “Access to Health Services in Kinshasa” (ASSK) is implemented in consortium with the International Health Unit, University of Montreal Hospital Centre (CHUM-USI). This five-year initiative (2018-2023) follows the “Project to Support the Health System in the Province of Kinshasa”, which ended in June, 2017. ASSK’s ultimate goal is to improve the health of women, children and adolescents living in the province of Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In order to contribute to greater equality in health, ASSK aims to improve the quality and availability of health services, in particular SRH services, as well as to increase the utilisation, by women, children and adolescents, of SRH services that are rights-respecting and gender-responsive.

For its part, the “Improving the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of Adolescents in Benin” Project, also known as PASSRELLE, is implemented in collaboration with the Bureau d’appui en santé publique 96 (BASP’96). Planned over a three-year period (2018-2021), its main objective is to improve SRH and rights of over 100,000 adolescent girls aged 15 to 19 in the Atlantic and Mono departments in Benin by:

1) Increasing the demand for SRH services, particularly among adolescent girls;
2) Improving the supply of SRH services that are adapted to the needs of adolescent girls and right-based;
3) Improving the ability of governance structures to coordinate SRH prevention and care services that respect adolescent girls’ rights.

ASSK and PASSRELLE both promote a gender-based approach to improve access to SRH care for women, girls and adolescents who are the main users of these services, as well as to foster their active participation in defending their own SRH rights.

The Projects are part of the Government of Canada’s ongoing commitment, through GAC, to invest CAN $650 million for sexual and reproductive health and rights, and are in perfect alignment with Canada’s new Feminist International Assistance Policy.

More information on these new projects will be available on our website shortly.