CCISD is proud to announce that Ericka Moerkerken, CCISD Project Manager, has been named to the Canadian Women Leaders in Global Health 2018 List. This first-ever List has been initiated by The Lancet and founded in collaboration with the Canadian Society for International Health and the Government of Canada, and was published in November 2018. Inspired by a broader global movement, this initiative aims to recognize the achievements and expertise of women in global health.

While women make up the majority of the health workface, they remain under-represented in leadership and decision-making positions. In addition to celebrating women involvement, this List serves as a practical tool for scientific journals, organizations and others struggling to find enough women experts in global health. In the long run, people behind this initiative hope to contribute to diversifying the production and translation of knowledge while improving the quality, equity, and impact of Canadian science and policy on global health worldwide.

Ericka Moerkerken has earned a spot on this List for her commitment in sexual and reproductive health and rights, as well as for her expertise in various areas of public health. With a strong will to improve human wellbeing and a passion for sharing knowledge, she has a background in public health but also in languages, political sociology and environmental law. Mrs. Moerkerken, a member of the CCISD Team since January 2008, has contributed to the success of many projects as Development Officer. She is currently putting her expertise to work as Project Manager for the REDISSE (West Africa) and PROMAVI (Bolivia) projects and continues to support development efforts for projects in reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health. 


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