EVENT: A Look Back on CCISD's First Annual Meeting

On June 20th, the CCISD Team held its first Annual Meeting at the Quebec Seminary. Set to become a new tradition, this event was an opportunity to bring together the Organization’s partners, collaborators and project team members to share the year’s highlights and to celebrate the successes and significant results achieved.

“On behalf of the Board, I reiterate my confidence and congratulations for the work accomplished. I reaffirm that we can be proud to participate collaboratively and ethically in the challenges of international health development”, said Diane Morin, Chair of the Board, in her opening speech.

The event was an opportunity to present CCISD’s Health Expertise Sharing Programme (PEPS), a new initiative that mobilizes volunteer specialists from Quebec and Canada to contribute to the accomplishment of its projects’ targeted results. The first four expert resources involved in PEPS, as well as two field team members who hosted them, generously shared testimonials on the experience they had during their advisory-support missions in Benin and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Also, as a highlight: the BECEYA Project, which contributes to improving the environment of care for mothers and children in health facilities in Mali, since 2015. The participants of the Annual Meeting dived into the world of this CCISD’s flagship initiative, through the presentation of the Project’s main results by its manager in Quebec City and four of its Malian team members.

Since 1987, CCISD has pursued its mission to help sustainably improve the health of populations by strengthening health sector resources and supporting the community groups that work with these resources.

The organization has currently implemented 112 projects in 41 countries across 4 continents, including more than 12 million direct and indirect beneficiaries, nearly 29,000 people trained, 1,485 health facilities supported and strengthened and almost a quarter of a billion dollars managed.