MALI: The BECEYA project has been completed, but the adventure is far from being over!

After five years of operation, the Project "Improving the Environment of Care for Mothers and Children Attending Health Facilities in Mali (BECEYA)" was officially closed in March 2020. CCISD is confident that its local partners will be able to continue their efforts in favor of healthy and safe health care environments.

"The Town Hall is responsible for everything construction-related in the health center. If we are lucky enough to have a partner who does it for us, the least we can do is guarantee proper use and sustainability of the infrastructures’’, said the Mayor of the rural commune of Samé, in the Kayes health district.

Like the majority of communities supported by BECEYA, the Samé Town Hall responded enthusiastically to the Project's participatory approach. The members of this community quickly felt responsible for the Project’s results and made it their duty to contribute to the activities and safeguard the progress made.

On their own initiative, they even gathered the necessary resources to complement the Project's contributions. To BECEYA’s water supply system, latrines, incinerator and solar electrification system, was added a fence to protect the infrastructures and an agent was recruited to ensure proper maintenance of it all.

CCISD had never seen anything like this before, but Samé is far from being an isolated case.

Indeed, through field visits and regional meetings between key stakeholders, the BECEYA team was able to identify an ever-growing number of community initiatives that complement the Project. All in all, over 70 communities have invested material or financial resources with the aim of enhancing and complementing BECEYA’s interventions.

Grants issued by district councils and town halls, additional constructions, purchase of equipment and maintenance materials, recruitment of hygiene and health personnel, integration of specific budget lines into operational plans... so many inspiring examples that demonstrate just how much local communities have taken ownership and are committed to their health and the environment of their health structures!

Today, all the communities supported by BECEYA can rely on sustainability plans and have the tools they need to carry on the work begun with the Project's support. It is up to them to continue to nurture the enthusiasm they have shown and to ensure that the results of the BECEYA project benefit the health of thousands of Malians for years to come. 

With all the great initiatives they have been able to carry out over the last 5 years, CCISD is confident that they are up to the task!


The BECEYA project was implemented by CCISD, with financial support from Global Affairs Canada. It had a budget of $19,931,735, including a $390,818 contribution from CCISD.