The CCISD's mission is to contribute to the sustainable improvement of the health of communities.

Engaged with and focused on the populations for whom they work, CCISD’s team members are concerned about the sustainability of local and national health initiatives. For this reason, the following four fundamental and deeply intertwined principles are integral to all CCISD’s projects:

  • Transfer of knowledge
  • Community participation and empowerment
  • Local ownership
  • Gender equity and equality


We are convinced that together, we can go further. CCISD's co-development approach is based on inclusive strategies where the involvement of communities is promoted, as well as the quest for synergies in order to achieve long-lasting collective results.

All people are equal as human beings. Since the very beggining, CCISD is committed to listen to the needs of the people with and for whom we work, so that they can all benefit from fair opportunities to live healthier lives and thrive.

We are committed to respecting people in their entirety, their rights as well as their difference (accepting difference and not indifference). The CCISD promotes existing skills and relies on strategic and respectful partnerships.

This is the motivation for all CCISD actions. Our approach is fueled by a commitment and sustained efforts to ensure that each person is treated with dignity, compassion and kindness.

We are committed to act with competence and rigor. CCISD's interventions are propelled by strong principles of ethics, social responsibility and good governance.

The adequacy, quality and sustainability of our interventions are CCISD's priorities. Making excellence a driver of our thinking and actions, we favor evidence-based practices and continuous improvement aimed at ownership by communities.

Our vision

Our vision for the future is to become a leading global health organization recognized for our co-development approach, with the communities we serve.

  • A healthy environment
  • Community empowerment
  • Complete, universal, accessible and adapted healthcare systems
  • The empowerment of women regarding conditions that affect their health

CCISD is also committed to respecting, maintaining and encouraging principles of good governance. This is why its operations are conducted in accordance with its Code of Ethics, which was adopted on March 31st 2009.

Code of ethics

Policy of gender equity

Sustainable development policy