CCISD – PIERRE VIENS AWARD: The Pambal Health Station Wins the Award

The Pambal Health Station, in Senegal, has been crowned the winner of this third edition of the CCISD – Pierre Viens Award. This organization, which hosts interns from the Laval University’s Faculty of Medicine, is awarded CAN $15,000 to implement its project aimed at improving the health of the populations.

The Health Station is located in Pambal, a locality of the Tivaouane department, in the region of Thiès, in Senegal. The station faces many challenges, including being established in a rural area and serving a population over 10,000 people spread out in 26 nearby villages over a 9-kilometre radius. Coupled with the fact that the station has very limited resources, this situation leads to populations’ lowest access to healthcare and makes it harder for the staff to meet the various health needs expressed by services users.

During the very first edition of CCISD – Pierre Viens Award in 2016, the Pambal Health Station won the second place and was able to strengthen its advanced strategy, which offers a range of outreach services to people who can’t go to the Health Station. The CAN $6,800 awarded to the Station had also been used to purchase the equipment required for the proper management of obstetric and neonatal emergencies.

This time, the Pambal Health Station plans on using its CCISD – Pierre Viens Award money to overcome challenges related to limited access to electricity through the implementation of its project titled “Solar Electrification of the Health Station and Purchase of Cold Chains Equipment”. The Station therefore wishes to reduce electricity costs and avoid the frequent power outages that lead to many complications, in particular for vaccines and pharmaceuticals that need to be stored at a specific temperature.

This project will allow the Station to offer services in better conditions, regardless what time it is, thanks to solar electrification which will also reduce the financial burden of electricity bills. Furthermore, cold chains will help improve the storage conditions of vaccines and pharmaceuticals for obstetric and neonatal care. In addition, solar electricity will ensure the sterilization of healthcare equipment at any time.

The Pambal Health Station’s project aims to improve the condition in which patients are cared for, to increase safety when care is provided at night and to enhance staff’s working condition. Furthermore, the project will help reduce infant mortality and improve maternal and child health through vaccines, pharmaceuticals and optimized sanitation.

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Launched in February 2016, the CCISD – Pierre Viens Award is a CCISD-initiative that aims to recognize the contribution of not-for-profit organization and public health facilities hosting interns from Laval University’s Faculty of Medicine or Faculty of Nursing to the improvement of populations’ health. Expected over 5 years, this programme, now in its third year, will award of up to CAN $20,000 each year.