22 April - Earth Day: For a Healthy Planet

By: MAMAN M. Bachir, MCRE, MSc Ing

Project Manager and Advisor in Environment & Sustainable Development


As the world celebrates Earth Day, the current health crisis reminds us of the inseparable link between environmental, human and animal health. The environmental pollution that is causing the additional greenhouse effect, global warming, the climate crisis and its impacts (including habitat destruction of zoonotic pathogen species - zoonoses, a group of infectious diseases that are naturally transmitted from animals to humans), is getting more and more attention from scientists. For example, according to a study by the University of Cambridge, climate change may have played a role in the mutation from animals to humans of the coronavirus responsible for COVID-19, by altering the geographical location of species.

Health is intimately linked to sustainable development: better health is a prerequisite, an outcome and an indicator of the three dimensions of sustainable development, according to WHO in "The Future We Want".

Health conditions our well-being, our living standards, the enjoyment of our fundamental rights, the use of our faculties to produce knowledge, to feed ourselves, to develop and to perpetuate the progress we have made so far. This means that sustainable improvement in the health of communities is a condition for achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. 

As an international development actor, CCISD feels directly concerned by the challenges of sustainable development in all the countries where it operates. That is why our commitments to sustainable health for vulnerable communities are based on the vision of sustainable development and are articulated around a set of guiding principles and intrinsic values that guide our actions.

Recognising that a healthy environment is the foundation for health, livelihoods and economic development, CCISD works to ensure environmental sustainability in all its interventions. To ensure the protection of the environment, all our projects are subject to environmental analysis and assessment in accordance with the cardinal principles enshrined in Canadian environmental legislation:

  • do no harm;
  • mitigate environmental risks and
  • take advantage of environmental opportunities.